No More

America: Liberty and justice  for all

Freedom ain’t free
For someone that looks like me
& I’m not sure if we can ever afford it
Cuz the Negro deficit continues to grow
Still fighting for what was rightfully ours a long time ago.
So much for freedom and equality
That’s a dream for someone that looks like me.
I’m tired.

A bit afraid.

as to why my

people are constantly abused.
Misused, Left for dead.
It’s like they manufacture
lead with us in mind
Like the bullets are designed
to travel in one direction
programmed to pierce brown skin.
Who cares about the vigils
We never stopped marching
We never silenced the protests
But they’re just gonna do it again
& again
& again.
There is no right way to live
when you reside in this skin.
Avoidance aint never been enough
Denial does not grant protection
With my bible to my chest
& prayer as a bulletproof vest
I cry out, Oh Lord! Please, help me past this test.

No more remediation, I got it now.

No more black lives minimized to a hashtag
No more promising futures met with a body bag
No more systematic oppression

No more acquittals despite a confession
No more racial profiling because of complexion

No more sitting back and doing a whole lot of nothing
I don’t know how, I don’t know what…
but I’m gonna do something.

Cuz I just can’t take it any more.

*To stand in solidarity against what our country has become and how we are seemingly repeating history, purchase the “Stars and Stripes” shirt at the following link.

100% of proceeds will go towards scholarships for Knowledge is power and the best way to fight this war on Blacks is to educate yourself. So many people are outraged and shocked about the news, but truth be told, this has always been our untold history.

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