Never Give Up


In honor of the close out of 2015 and preparation for 2016, I have been reflecting. Things that were not so clear in the moment makes perfect sense in retrospect.

Last month, was my six year old daughter’s fun run at school. I won’t disclose the distance but know that it was not fun for me lol. She started whining about
being thirsty and tired because she took off too fast. So, I had to suck it
up and act like I was okay in order to keep her encouraged. My husband ran
like it was a walk in the park-it’s gotta be the Jamaican in him haha.

This brings me back to school again. I have all of my kids looking up to me to finish. While the final stretch is the hardest, though I assumed it would be
the easiest, it doesn’t make sense to come this far just to quit. I may as
well push through the exhaustion and finish it. I can rest once I cross the
finish line.

“It doesn’t matter how long it takes you to finish the race, as long as you

finish.” ~Danielle’s uncle

I remember one of my late patients motivating me when he found out I was pursuing a degree in Nursing. Although, he passed away, his words will forever live in my  heart. A couple of years ago whenever he came for an appointment, he tried to convince me to be a Doctor or at least Physician Assistant. In his efforts of persuading me that I had what it took to succeed, he dropped the following bomb: “I’m not super smart, or a genius. I just kept at it and every semester I registered for classes until I finished. Before I knew it, I earned my PHD.” He did not receive great grades, but what he did earn was more important-his degree along with a lifetime of lessons. Aha! You mean I don’t have to be perfect?!

There will be times when you cannot remember why you started in the first place and it just does not seem to be worth it anymore. You will feel tired, discouraged and defeated. Moral: JUST KEEP GOING.


We finished! Not in last place, which was my secret goal 🙂

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